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Blast Evil Spirits and Fight Gentrification in Supernatural Dungeon Crawler Midautumn | COGconnected

A Cozy, Mysterious Town With a Lunar Secret

Midautumn is a spooky dungeon crawler rogue-lite about battling evil, Asian Diaspora culture, and saving your hometown from an evil that hits very close to home: gentrification. Players will take on the role of Robin Lam, a college graduate who has absolutely no idea where they’re going in life, and ends up crashing with their Grandmother in the fictional California town of Nambo Quay. However, this cozy little town has a secret: there’s a weird portal to the Spirit World in the basement. Oh, and Robin has to be the next guardian of the Spirit World, which means fighting your way through an ever-changing maze-like dungeon to make sure the denizens don’t escape and run wild. Sounds like fun to us.

May is Asian American Pacific Islander heritage month, so this dungeon crawler/rogue-lite couldn’t have been announced at a better time. Get ready to explore the vibrant town and forge bonds with its larger-than-life inhabitants. Encounter hundreds of unique story beats on your quest to figure out exactly what is going on here and what you can do about it. Presumably, this is where the ‘battling gentrification’ elements come in.

Like recent rogue-lite hit Hades, the Spirit World of Midautumn will shift and reset itself on each visit, but you can unlock new abilities between runs to permanently increase your strength and the strongest inhabitants will remember you. Grow stronger, absorb the lunar power of your enemies to reflect back on them, and surpass the previous guardians. Only then will you be able to do battle with the evil magic practitioners trying to take control of the town’s soul.

Midautumn will arrive on Kickstarter later this year. You can wishlist it on Steam now.

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