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In a strange sort of partnership, LEGO and Sony are putting together a giveaway for fans of Marvel’s Spider-Man. We all know that Spider-Man: Miles Morales is coming out and it promises to be as great as the previous Spider-Man game. Obviously, building the hype for the new game is going to drive sales for it, as well as the PS5, but this promotion probably won’t drive any new costumers to pick it up. If you have or get the trophy for completing the game by October 29th, you are eligible for getting a free LEGO Miles Morales figurine.

Free stuff is great. No one would tell you otherwise, but what is the point in this case? If you have Marvel’s Spider-Man and haven’t finished it, maybe you’re the one person who didn’t like it. Would this free LEGO figure make you go back to finish it? Doubtful. If you don’t have the game or a PS4, will this drive you to go out to get one? Also doubtful. Chances are that we will not see any new completions in an effort to get his free LEGO; if you’re going to get it, you probably already completed the game like a year or two ago. To be clear, it is literally just a Miles Morales figure; there’s no set or cool build that comes with it.

The overarching goal of this promotion is to get people back into the previous game, but this just won’t cut it. You want people to go back to your game? Give something away worth working for. Maybe a larger LEGO build or something. Also, make players do something they haven’t done yet. Have a photo mode contest and make them really play it. Sony tweeted out this giveaway information, but they link they provided appears to be broken anyway. Marvel’s Spider-Man is out on PS4, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be coming to PS5 on November 12th.

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