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New Apple Upcoming Event Date Revealed, New iPad in the Works

We had a leak from none other than Siri. If you asked her when Apple’s next event was she would tell you that its was April 20th, but there were no invites. Even Apple’s website was not showing anything. Well now after tons of missed leaks and speculations we now know there’s an official invite for an event happening at 10 AM Pacific on April 20th.

The invite came with the caption “Spring Loaded”. With the amount of products we’re expecting it actually does sound loaded. Just a bit of a recap we’re expecting air tags to finally be released after two years of leaks. We should also be getting iPad Pros along with also an iPad Mini that should be getting a larger display on a similar chassis. We hope iPad Mini Pro to become a reality here but rumors seem to be a bit far-fetched. Another product that might not happen at this event is the third generation AirPods.

They’re reportedly going into production until Q3 even if the black market already has the leaked design on sale. Finally, the redesign iMac might also make an appearance here and that might also mean that we’re getting some new Apple Silicon chips. However, with the ship shortage we don’t think so. Of course, we are all just speculating here. We are more curious about that iPad Mini refresh because of that form factor but also air tags.

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