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Rumor: Resident Evil Village is Part 2 of a Trilogy

Ethan’s Nightmare is Far From Over

Resident Evil is seeing its eighth mainline entry in under a month, and fans couldn’t be more excited. While the series lost its way with Resident Evil 5 and 6, taking a more action-oriented approach which proved unpopular with the fandom, the return to a more claustrophobic atmosphere with Resident Evil 7 was seen as a return to form, despite the fact that the gameplay was different than anything we’d seen before – let’s face it, you could remove the easter eggs and references to the greater Resident Evil universe and it’d stand on its own as a great game, especially since there’s little to no reference of the constant BOW attacks throughout the world as seen in Resident Evil 6.

Still, it looks like Resident Evil: Village will in fact be the middle entry of a trilogy, meaning we might not have to wait too long until Resident Evil 9.

The reports come from AestheticGamer, AKA Dusk Golem – a well-known leaker who has a record of being accurate, to an extent. Although he originally claimed that Resident Evil 8 began development as a Resident Evil: Revelations sequel (and later claimed that the leaked Resident Evil Outrage was in fact Revelations 3) he was correct that Village would feature a female stalker who can dissipate into a swarm of insects – a power seen among Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters, although not yet displayed by the woman herself. The above tweets do clarify, however, that the decision to create a trilogy was decided early on in VIllage’s development, and Resident Evil does have a history of switching things around – one early version of Resident Evil 4 evolved into Devil May Cry, for example.

However, it does look like after 9 is out, Resident Evil will be switching back to more self-contained stories, reducing the need to plot everything out in advance.

The sad news, of course, is that this means there’s no guarantee that Ethan will have a happy ending in a game where the plot revolves around him trying to rescue his kidnapped daughter – and even if he does, well, there’s likely to be some new crisis he gets drawn into.

Some guys just can’t catch a break, it seems.

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